• Corporate vision:

    Create smart hardware and services for global home and commercial market segments.

  • Business objectives:

    -Industry leadership of segmented markets
    -Deliver quality and value to our loyal partners
    -Create sustainable developing platform for employees
    -Undertake social responsibilities

  • Key values:

    -Innovation, Efficiency, Multi-parties benefits

  • Mission:

         -Create value for customers, Create opportunities for staff, Create future for company, Contribute to society

  • Operation Principal:

         -Understanding all customers requirements,  fulfill all customer’s requirement with full efforts!

  • Environmental policy:

    According to the requirements of ISO14001, with the company's business activities, products and services’nature, scale and environmental impact, MeLE structures the following environmental policy within the scope of environmental management system

    MeLE views environmental protection as an important social responsibility. The operations, services and product design are integrated into the environmental protection philosophy, and the pursuit of sustainable development. These are our commitments to the community:
    -Establish environmental protection system, and adhere to quality, efficiency and environmental protection while developing.
    -Implement environmental protection system; maintain environmental protection system and continuous improvement of environmental behavior.
    -Train and encourage all employees to undertake activities and responsibilities of the environment protection.
    -Encourage business partners to take environmental responsibility and business activities.
    -Design and manufacture energy-saving products, and try to achieve minimum energy consumption.
    -Meet consumer and community public's environmental expectations and have adopted the same national standards or international standards

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